These boxed PC systems from AAEON are characterised not only by their robustness, but in particular by their excellent thermal design. The "n" form of the housing ensures optimum distribution of the heat generated internally. In turn, the cooling fins of the housing enable excellent heat exchange with the ambient air. This special design even allows fan-free operation of high-end processors, such as the Intel Core i7. These systems are stable and operate reliably. The thermal design continues in the interior of these boxed PC systems. In addition to the CPU and chip set, the memory is also connected to the housing using special heat-conducting baffles or pads. This technology allows us to offer selected systems for an extended temperature range (-40 to 70°C). These systems are available in a wide range of sizes and combinations and offer a variety of expansion possibilities, from Mini-PCI Express Cards, HDD/SSD, to PCI or PCI Express Cards.

Simply choose the desired system components, connections and functions that meet your requirements and our finder will provide you with a direct selection of suitable embedded boxed PC systems.


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