Manufacturer´s Embedded Flash products available from GLYN with immediate effect:
Silicon Motion and GLYN sign a distribution contract for Europe


With immediate effect, the products of Silicon Motion Technology Corporation will be available throughout Europe from GLYN. The distributor from Idstein and the American semiconductor manufacturer signed a distribution contract for Europe.

Silicon Motion is a pioneer in the development of controller ICs for NAND flash memory as well as Embedded Flash products such as FerriSSD® and Ferri-eMMC®. As a fabless manufacturer, Silicon Motion offers highly integrated semiconductor solutions with low energy consumption for the industrial, consumer and automotive sector.


Robust and safe with strong brands:
Industrial storage solutions by GLYN


Strong brands combined with RED SUPPORT!

GLYN provides you with access to more than 35 years of expert knowledge in the area of industrial storage solutions!

From DRAM via SRAM to Flash media - We have arranged our portfolio with strong brands for durable and safe storage solutions for industry.
Future-compatible with the storage requirements of the "Internet of Things".


Detects and corrects bit errors:
1 GBit DDR3 DRAM with Error Correction Code (ECC)

Manufacturer ISSI expands its DRAM range with a 1GBit DDR3 variant with integrated Error Correction Code (ECC). The module detects and corrects bit errors directly “on the fly”. Additional monitoring via special software or hardware is no longer necessary. The DRAM is backwardly compatible with standard DDR3s.



Use for 7 years and longer:
DRAM module from Xmore® industrial with “built-in” long-term availability

DRAM ICs are often installed from the latest batches in the DRAM module series of many manufacturers. The result: You have to obtain new releases regularly and at short intervals.

Save yourself from this expensive process in future by using DRAM modules!

DRAM ICs from ISSI are installed on the DRAM modules from Xmore®. The manufacturer is characterised by the extremely long availability of its DRAM ICs: on average approx. 7 years and more without a “DIE change”. DRAM ICs from ISSI also offer exceptional quality.